I am passionate about passionfruits …. and porcelain. A true love story.
Shop a selection of my handmade fruit bowls in my webshop and at Galerie in Vienna.

I love to browse through farmers markets, especially on Saturday mornings. I savour the smell and the different colours, shapes and sizes of vegetables and fruit. Usually I meet friends for breakfast. I return with a bunch of flowers, organic food and locally crafted beer from a small brewery.

Sometimes I am so faszinated by a special fruit or veg, that I use it for building a plaster mould and use it for slipcasting. During the years I transformed pineapples, melons, lemons, oranges, coconuts, banana, salad, artichoke, peppers, tomatoes, fennel and eggplants into bowls. And there are more to follow.

I used to live close to Yppenplatz, a vivid market area in Vienna, which I still love to visit. In Vienna there are many colourful markets like Naschmarkt, Karmelitermarkt, Rochusmarkt and a lot more. I also enjoy farmers markets while travelling, often in the subtropics like Australia or Asia. I am a fruit lover, especially tropical fruit. My greatest passion are passionfruits.

I am also attracted to flea markets, street food and market festivals. Markets and fairs are the only way of shopping I really enjoy. That is why I love to sell at design fairs. Some of the bigger ones in Vienna are FESCH`MARKT, Designmarkt Edelstoff and BLICKFANG.