A sense of humor, craftmanship and 10 years of experience – in a nutshell.
My products add humor to your life. They are an icebreaker. In my opinion design and craftmanship belong together. I have 10 years of experience in product development, retail and design fairs.

My products make you smile and encourage conversation. I love playing with sterotypes, for example Vienna and the typical coffee house and food in general. As this also appeals to myself, my first collection KAFFEEHAUS AM RING has become name to the brand.

Design and craft are evenly important. I am passionate about plastic materials like porcelain and polymers. I owe this passion to my teacher Hermann Seiser. I try to avoid prefabricated parts. I work in my studio in Vienna.
I am a hands-on person. I enjoy sewing, cooking with natural components and building my own furniture.

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING is the brand name, uniting different products, all handmade and with sense of humor.

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING was founded in April 2010 – meaning 10 years of experience with developing products, retail, cooperations with other designers and lots of design fairs. Designing capsule collections (e.g. Presse Edition) and cooperations with museums still excite me (e.g. Kunsthalle Krems). I like to work with socially orientated companies (e.g. Galerie Unik.at).

I accept challenges as a source for personal development. Hard times were often a chance to turn the odds to my favour. My products are a constant reminder of happiness, even during difficult times.
I love my work. Times with friends, sports and music are both relaxing and inspiring.
My favourite sport is long distance running. It clears my mind and thrives my creative flow. I am curious about trying other sports like surfing. I love music, photography and fashion.
Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life. No matter if we meet at a museum or a club, travel or just go for a walk or for a beer. My dog Ajana has been my best life decision.